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Professional electric tattooing since 2018, from Melbourne.

Offering specialisation in American/European Traditional (vintage) tattooing. Also tattooing in Fine-line, illustrative and general "street-shop" style tattooing (random cool stuff).

Trafalgar Street Tattoo is kept sanitary to the Australian Health & Safety standards (due to NZ having no regulation). All surfaces/tools are sterilized with hospital grade disinfectants between appointments, and studio floors sterilized daily.

The studio is private, with access to a well maintained kitchen and bathroom spaces. It's warm, quiet, and I pride myself on offering a safe and welcoming space for all individuals wanting to get tattooed.






At the top of town, 243 Trafalgar Street, Level 1 (up the stairs), inside the "Koru Centre". The street entrance is between Gustave's menswear and Taylor's Shoes. 



Head upstairs, down the hall, through the glass door, to arrive at the waiting area where the studio is.

There's adequate signage for Trafalgar Street Tattoo all throughout the building, including at the studio door.




You'll ALWAYS leave my studio with your new tattoo covered in cling wrap; It keeps your tattoo free from dust & dirt that may lead to infection, as you take your fresh tattoo home for TLC.


  • Using your hand + antibacterial soap, gently clean your tattoo of all blood/plasma under running warm water. 

  • Dab dry with a fresh towel. (Do this 2x daily for the first week)

If your tattoo is exposed to dirt, dust, sand, heavy sweating, bird shit (not good luck, sorry), or anything foreign to the area, clean it ASAP.


There's no "silver bullet" when it comes to creams. However, some of the typical choices are actually just barrier creams that sit ON the skin, and don't repair or rejuvenate your healing tattoo. (Bepanthem, Pawpaw ointment, Petroleum-based products) It's even worse when you heavily and constantly apply cream/touching it. YUCK. Less is more.

  • After each wash, apply a thumbnail-sized amount to clean fingers and gently massage it into the tattoo.

  • Any healing balm or cream made from natural ingredients and isn't loaded with fragrances should do the trick.

I usually have INKY TATTOO SALVE available to purchase.

It's light, easy to apply, and is absorbed by the skin. Vegan, sustainable, only natural ingredients, ZERO "parfum", and hand made in Melbourne. 


If your new tatt was done by a professional, you shouldn't have to worry about it "falling out". But there are things you should avoid while your tattoo is still fresh.

  • Keep your tattoo from being submerged for atleast 7 days. This includes pools, baths, salt/spring water.

  • Try and keep it under clothing if possible. This protects it from the sun, air borne bacteria, and deters idiots from touching it - including you.

If you get it dirty, sweaty, or splashed with a woody, refer back to the "KEEP IT CLEAN" instructions. Thank you.

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